why choose to get into a relationship with a sugar baby

Before discussing about the reasons, it is essential to highlight the kind of wealthy men that choose to date a sugar baby.

  • Rich men who are looking to do away from the monotony. They may or may not be single.
  • Wealthy men who are single and wish to get into a relationship. Most of these men happen to be commitment – phobic.

These individuals have very different preferences and expectation from their companion. Let’s have a look at what it is like to be in a relationship with a sugar baby:

You have someone to share your feelings with: A lot of wealthy men get into a sugar relationship to fight off loneliness. Given the fact that they’re afraid of getting into a conventional relationship, they seek the company of a sugar baby, for she wouldn’t expect him to make any commitments. Sugar babies make for a great friend, which means you always have someone to share your feelings with. Although you’d still have to pay money for her companionship, you at least have one person to speak with. Proud of the new deal you’ve cracked and wish to celebrate? You now have a gorgeous sugar baby to celebrate with.

A companion to hang out with: Wealthy men often complain of having to go alone shopping or movies. When they get into a relationship with a sugar baby, they have someone to hang out with. However, don’t expect your sugar baby to always be available for you. It would be better to tell her about your plan in advance so she can make out time for you. This is why sugar daddies take their partners on vacations to exotic locations. Indeed, it brings a sense of hope in their lives.

Happiness and contentment: Wouldn’t it feel great go home, knowing someone is eagerly waiting for you? This is what some sugar daddies feel. Some sugar daddies make sugar babies a part of their life and begin to stay with them. This allows them to experience a conventional relationship without being worried about making any kind of commitments. Sharing your personal space with someone is very different from hanging out with her once in a while or taking her out on a vacation.

Before making a sugar daddy an integral part of your life, it is worth noting that most sugar babies are gold diggers and true to their name, they aren’t looking for a long term relationship. It is advised to determine how genuine the person is before you start dating. While sugar relationships are temporary, they do have the potential of making a deep mark in case things go out of bounds.

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A Women’s Sugar Daddy Dating Experience: How I Decided To Become A Sugar Baby

I’ve always really loved classical dance. At the age of five, when the other girls were spending most of their time watching Disney movies, I spent my time watching ballet.

Seeing The Nutcracker motivated me to start taking dance classes, and after fourteen years of practice, I managed to make a name for myself in the dance world.

After winning two international awards at the junior level, I was determined to make my passion into a career. Though I was born in Greece, I ended up becoming a classical dance teacher and professional dancer in Paris.

Sexual desire, but no time

So I found myself at the age of 25 in a country that wasn’t my own, with a schedule that didn’t allow much room for going out, and as a result, there was zero opportunity for romance.

Between rehearsals, performances, teaching courses and meeting with the parents of my students, my life quickly turned into a routine of metro-dance-bandages-sleep.

Looking for a solution, I decided to sign up on several dating sites with rather simple criteria and a very direct explanation in my profile:

“I’m looking for a man, not a boy. Someone who knows what he wants, who knows how to treat me like a woman and above all, respects who I am. In other words, someone who accepts the fact that dance will always come first in my life. Unconditionally.”

I soon realized that despite having profiles on several different sites, the men always fell into two categories: they either wanted a one night stand, or they wanted a real relationship and required more free time than I had to give.

Personally, I was looking for something that would allow me to reconcile my packed schedule with the comfort of a “relationship.” To be clear, finding love was not my goal. I wanted someone who wouldn’t be an obstacle to my career, but I wanted the consistent sexual relationship. I needed that.

Discovering “sugar daddies”

One night when I was out drinking with the few friends I had, I finally decided to radically change my methods. My friends and I were talking about how empty my love life was, and how long it had been since I’d slept with anyone.

When she heard I wanted someone who accepted my schedule while also taking care of me, one of the girls said: “What you need is a sugar daddy!” Without even realizing, she’d figured out exactly what I needed – a consistent relationship that was sexual (but not only that) with someone devoted but not invasive.

Instead of wasting my precious free time, I decided to experiment with sugar daddies online. I signed up on a special website, and after posting a few photos and a description in my profile, my inbox filled with messages.

I was shocked to see a few grandfathers hoping to pay me for sex. But I wanted someone I found attractive, I wasn’t looking to be a sex worker. So I picked a man I liked based on the conversations we had, and who happened to be in Paris on a business trip.

I admit, before our first date, I was extremely nervous. Because besides the stress of simply meeting someone new, I was meeting a sugar daddy.

A surprising first date

We arranged to meet at the bar of a Hilton hotel in Paris. After a few cocktails, it wasn’t very hard to convince me to have a drink with him in his room. He wouldn’t stop complimenting my physique, but he kept it classy.

He made the first move and we ended up sleeping together. I was very pleased with that first meeting…until he began to cry. I had to console him because he had just cheated on his wife for the first time.

The next day, he insisted we meet in a public place and he wanted to pay me not to say silent, though I had zero intention of saying anything. He gave me 3,000 euros so I wouldn’t reveal his identity. (Was he well-known? No idea.) After that, I noticed his profile was no longer on the site.

That first encounter left kind of a bad taste in my mouth, but I decided to try again. Because as for the benefits, having a “sugar daddy” fit with my lifestyle.

The terms from a monetary standpoint depended on each man. Often, they weren’t set in advance. The money was an added benefit to the relationship itself. I met people I liked most of the time, but if I was disappointed with the first date, I wouldn’t see the man again.

Being a sugar baby – part prostitute, part therapist

But I soon had to face the reality of the concept. I realized there was an unpleasant parallel between my career in classical dance and being a sugar baby. In dance, we have to follow strict rules that are indirectly set by our spectators, because in the end, whether they liked the show is what counts.

Being a sugar baby is kind of the same thing. We force ourselves to act a certain way to anticipate the needs of our partners. To be honest, my experiences quickly reduced my body to a type of merchandise that was making quite a bit of money.

I was being offered 200 euros for an evening, 1,000 euros for the night, and eventually up to 3,000 euros. How far could I have gone?

Being a sugar baby is actually halfway between being a prostitute and a therapist. You have dates with people who tend to be suffering in some way and you give them sex as a remedy.

Financially, you’re setting a price to be complicit in adultery. And at the end of the night, you come away with a weight on your shoulders. Each time, I could tell the men I was seeing knew what they were doing wasn’t right.

For many of them, it was because they had just cheated on their wife. I think being someone they could talk to without being judged gave me a special place in their minds. I carry a lot of secrets that could have terrible consequences on these men’s lives if they were revealed.

Sex for pleasure

After this experience, I don’t know if I’ll be able to have a healthy marriage one day. But these encounters showed me that a sugar daddy wasn’t really what I was looking for, at least not the men I was meeting.

I stopped after about six months. But unlike what I thought, that wasn’t actually the end of the experiment. The father of one of my students, a rather charming divorcé in his fifties, often came to watch his daughter during dance class.

We started talking. His advances were subtle, a little awkward at times, but in the end, it was pretty flattering. The day he finally asked for my number, I didn’t hesitate to give it to him.

He sent me a text admitting he had seen me on the sugar babies website, and that otherwise he never would have made any advances. At first, I felt super uncomfortable. But then I figured, he had a profile there too, so why feel embarrassed?

The end to the story is that we are now in a fairly normal sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship. In other words, it’s a relationship based on sex, but the word “relationship” counts just as much as the sex.

It’s not prostitution, I’m not being paid by the hour. But he takes me to places I would never be able to afford otherwise, and showers me with gifts. Nothing is specifically defined, it’s mostly for my pleasure.

The stories I’ve read from other sugar babies sounded a lot more like prostitution and escorting, but that wasn’t the case for me. I have as much say in what happens as the man I’m seeing, and my pleasure is not inferior to his. And I have no obligation to him, any more than he has to me.

After doing a bit of research, I soon understood that people lump being an escort together with being a sugar baby. Some “sugar dating” websites are really just a cover for being an escort.I plan to continue my relationship with my sugar daddy as long as our routine keeps working. But I’m aware that he’s not the love of my life.

I want to have children in the future, and my sugar daddy won’t be the one who raises them. We’ll see when the time comes! In the meantime, I’m continuing this relationship without talking about it too much. Only one friend of mine is aware of what I’m doing, and she respects my choice. Especially since by becoming a sugar baby, I found what was missing in my life.

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What Makes a Man Want to Be a Sugar Daddy

Let’s say there’s a man who is very successful. He pulls a great annual salary. He may or may not be handsome, but he is certainly rich. As for his hobbies and profession, it doesn’t matter what they are, but suffice to say that he makes an honest living.

The money he makes alone is enough to guarantee that he doesn’t need to have to work too hard to get a partner, but if he has any looks at all, or any sense of humor or a somewhat decent personality, it’s enough to get him dates and relationships.

So why would he be looking to become a sugar daddy?

Sugar daddy and younger woman relationships are defined by a rich man and a younger, usually beautiful woman who is openly dating him because he is wealthy. There may be other reasons why she is involved with him, but money is definitely one of the reasons. Why would a man agree to do this?

Here are four reasons why a man wants to be sugar daddy:

  • He doesn’t want the trouble of regular dating

    Let’s face it – relationships are a lot of work. Between the constant phone calls and regular Friday and Saturday night dates, a man involved with a woman is guaranteed to have little time to do other things. As a sugar daddy, a man can just put a woman up in accommodations, give her an allowance, and see her on his own terms. She would probably (in all honesty) be happy to have time to herself, and to do things with her much-younger friends.

  • He wants to have a relationship on his own terms

    In sugar daddy relationships, the person with the money calls the shots – this is understood. He gets to dictate what they do for vacations, where they go for dinner, and who they associate with, and she can come along and reap the benefits – or she can stay home, and he can find another sugar baby. It’s as simple as that. Most of the time, the woman is happy to come along and enjoy the free holidays, luxurious dinners, shopping trips, and to meet important businesspeople.

  • He wants to be involved with a young and beautiful woman that he otherwise wouldn’t be able to get.

    Sure, he could meet women organically – older, more mature, successful and average-looking women, just like him. That’s just the way things are, at his age. If he didn’t have the money that he does, he wouldn’t get that younger, beautiful woman to look twice at him. He’s decided that life is short and that’s what he wants, so he has to pay the price.

  • He wants his ego flattered

    A sugar baby is there to please her sugar daddy. That’s her part of the trade. He gives her money and material things, and she strokes his ego. She laughs at his jokes, holds onto his arm at high-profile functions and makes him look successful just by the virtue of being there.

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